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Search for Aztlan Ancestral Homeland Navel of tthe World
"Search for Aztlan the Ancestral Homeland of the Mexican"by Eddie Martinez
Sometime around 600 to 650 B.C. the cult of “the Plumed Serpent” and "the Rain god" was introduced to the Greater Southwest region by the Pochteca Trading sytem built by expanding Teotihuacán Empire.

Around 700-750 The Gran Chichimecs fell upon the declining Teotihuacán cilviization in the valley of Mexico. Tula became the capital of the Toltec Empire. King Mixcóatl introduced the cult of “Tezcatlipoca” which in time replaced the cult of “Quetzalcóatl”. The Toltec pochteca trade system expanded when Pyrite and Turquoise became the symbol of the Toltec god “Tezcatlipoca”.

Research & Illustrated by Eddie Martinez/© 2004 All rights reserved.