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 Eddie sketching at the ancient ruins in Tzintzuntzan.
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Eddie Martinez
"An Artist With A Passion For History"

Martinez painted many portraits, including the portrait of famed western model Timothy Padilla, Ricardo Montalban, John F. Kennedy, Walt Disney and Anthony Quinn.

Eddie Martinez's vast entertainment design experience defies traditional categories and labels. His 40-year career has spanned the many disciplines that today account for his unique prestige and acclaim.

From Martinez’s beginning in Los Angeles, his artistic prowess soon would land him an entree in the motion picture arena, working with such motion picture luminaries as 5-time Academy Award winner for Production Design, John DeCuir, and 3-time Academy Award winner for Costume Design, Vittorio (Nino) Novaresse on many films, such as Doctor Doolittle, Planet of the Apes, Hello Dolly, On a Clear Day and The Great White Hope. Martinez's gift of design would soon land him in television, where he worked on such series as The Dean Martin Show, Batman, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Laugh-In, the Tonight Show and the Flip Wilson Show, and Peyton Place.

1969-70 - Martinez was reunited with John DeCuir and Nino Novarese to work with Walt Disney’s acclaimed artist Herbert Ryman on the Hall Of Presidents at Walt Disney’s WED (Walter E. Disney), Enterprises Glendale, CA

1975 - commissioned by WED Enterprises to design and paint a 6ft x 55ft oil mural, that was installed at Disneyland, Anaheim, CA., entitled "The Fifth Freedom," showcasing the portraits of several famous Americans, including Walt Disney.

1976-79 - designed the Mexico Pavilion for EPCOT Center in Walt Disney World.

1978 – art directed and supervised the set construction and scenic backdrops for MGM Hotel/Casino’s spectacular live stage production of "Hello, Hollywood, Hello” in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada.

1980-82 - Production Designer for the Mexico Pavilion’s Show Ride.

1982 - contracted as Conceptual Designer on various projects, including MCA's Universal Tours, King Kong, Conan the Barbarian, and The San Francisco BART Earthquake.

1983 - worked directly with writer, director Luis Valdez and El Teatro Campesino as set designer on the musical stage production of "Corridos" that performed in the Marines Memorial Theater, San Francisco, in 1984, the Old Globe Theater, San Diego, and at the Variety Arts Theater, Los Angeles. In 1986, he also worked closely with Luis Valdez on the motion picture "La Bamba" as the stage designer for the Los Lobos performance in the film.

1984 - storyboarded and designed the live production of the “Opening Ceremonies” for the Los Angeles Olympics by David Wolper.

1985 - designed the "Plumed Serpent Award" for Luis Valdez to be presented to honorees by El Teatro Campesino at the St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco, CA.

1986-88 - production designed the show attraction, Time Machine of Dreams for the Sanrio Puroland Theme Park in Tama, Japan. Later for Sanrio, he designed a conceptual Master Plan for the Oita Harmonyland Theme Park on the island of Kyushu. Both of these projects were for the “Hello Kitty” Sanrio Company.

1987-89 - worked closely with Vons Markets President Bill Davila and City of Hope Director, Dr. Sanford Shapiro in creating and designing the "La Virgin de Guadalupe Shrine" at the Rose Garden in the City of Hope, Duarte, California. On May 17, 1989, actor Ricardo Montalban introduced a reenactment of the miracle of La Virgen de Guadalupe with the unveiling of the shrine. Martinez wrote the reenactment script and directed the performance.

1992 – architectural theme designer for the original Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, in Las Vegas and went on to Design and Art Direct the fabrication and installation of the animatronic, light & sound show production for the Forum Shop’s Festival Fountain.

1998 - 14 day research mission visiting nine cities in China that resulted in creating a Conceptual Theme Park Master Plan that included show attractions for the Oriental Studios Park in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou, China.

Eddie Martinez retired from the entertainment industry in 2002 and now spends his time doing his favorite work, researching and illustrating historical figures and events such as the Indigenous Puebloan People of the Greater Southwest and Spanish expeditions in California, Arizona and Colorado.